Welcome to in our beloved country, the country of eagles!

Albania is an attractive touristic destination, with breathtaking scenery and full of cultural and historical richness. In this small and secluded Mediterranean country, unexploded natural beauty combines with an interesting culture to create a once in a lifetime experience.
Alba Trip offers the opportunity to experience from up-close all the wonders of this country.
Alba Trip is a tour operator, with a vision to be a leader in the Albanian touristic market, operating in incoming tours and building up from a 8 years’ experience of tour operation and research.

Alba Trip first steps…

Alba Trip has been a pioneer in Albania in offering to its clients the service of searching and booking online hotel services, where the platformed offered useful information as well. The company guaranteed maximum quality, taking full responsibility for the services offered.
Years of experience with more than 800 hotels in all Albania, has created the opportunity for Alba Trip to expand our goals as a company and to offer products with the highest quality and services with renowned professionalism.

The company’s operation is built up on the support of “ÇELËSI” Group, a leader company in Albania with 20 years of experience, in terms of information accessibility for business and customers.
“ÇELËSI” Group offers an unique experience, a novel approach in the market practicing a philosophy: business mindset and socially responsible:
– Offering local experience with global standards
– Offering expunction of products and services, while optimizing existing ones.

Based on this partnership and collaboration, we are able to offer a range of products and services:

We are here for your, to organize and take care of everything down to the smallest details, all you have to accomplish is relax and enjoy Albanians various flavors and colors- the sea, the mountain, the exquisite wine and of course the stunning food that this Balkan jewel offers.