The Towers of Mic Sokoli and Sali Mani are two traditional towers located in the village of Bujan, a few kilometers south of Bajram Curri. The village of Bujan has been mentioned as a dwelling place since the 14th century CE. Mic Sokoli, born in Bujan, was a notable fighter of the Albanian League of Prizren. He died in battle fighting against the Ottoman forces in 1881 CE. The tower of Sali Mani is the place where the Conference of Bujan was held during the Second World War.
In Kukës there are many typical Albania towers (kulla), especially in northern Kukës in the district of Has. They include the tower of Kurpali, the tower of Avdul Qerimi in the village of Helshan, the tower of Gjonajve in the village of Kostur, the tower of Dem Zenuni in the village of Vranisht and another tower in the village of Gajrep.
The Tomb of Dervish Luzha in the village of Luzha, located southeast of Bajram Curri, is a religious monument of the Bektashi order of Sufi Islam.

An Illyrian settlement has recently been unearthed in Rosujë, close to Bujan in the district of Tropoja. The excavationshave uncovered a fortified settlement indicating that Rosuja has been inhabited since the second millennium BCE until the 5th century CE. A lot of gold and silver coins, tools and weapons were found at the site.

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