Weekend in the Park 6-7-8 September


“Weekend in the Park”

If you think the summer fun will end with August, we are happy to say you are mistaken! On the very first weekend of September, specifically from Friday the 6th to Sunday the 8th, a real weekend bash is coming your way. Organized by IntoAlbania, “Weekend in the Park” will be nicely set by right by the Amphitheater of the Grand Park of Tirana. Electronic music, seasonal cocktails, delicious food, wine tasting and more, will give you and your friends a chance to enjoy life out in the open air, in one of the greenest and most relaxing spaces of the capital.

Weekend in the park.

From noon to midnight, for three consecutive days, you will experience a novel weekend in Tirana, one where everyone is invited. A relaxing brunch that can be enjoyed on the beach chairs by the lake that gives way to some wine tasting later in the day. Children playing on the family friendly corner set up just so everyone can enjoy themselves in the late afternoon hours which clear the way for those late evenings spent to the beat of electronic music from the DJ booth. Something for everyone, “Weekend in the Park” is the most ideal way of easing your way into the city without letting go of that summer vacation euphoria.

Included in the event:

  • All day DJ set up
  • A bar area with two mobile drink vans from the two most popular bars in town: Nouvelle Vague and Destil
  • A wine tasting area
  • A brunch and picnic area with authentic foods from 2-3 food trucks
  • A designated recreational area primarily for children (late afternoon/early evening hours)

Entrance is free.