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1st day    Airport Tirana-Dajti Cable Car

The best of Tirana and its nature!


Meet with the Guide and transfer to Tirana.

Tirana, the heart and capital of Albania, like all other capital metropolises has never -ending movement and energy. With its clubs ,bars ,cafes and taverns, Tirana is worth discovering by both day and night. The hospitality shown towards tourists is something that will mark your journey not only in Tirana but also all over the country. Have a walk from the main square through the boulevard and finish the tour with a visit of Bunkart 2.

Visit Bunkart2-The little cousin to the main Bunk’Art, this museum, which is within a communist-era bunker and underground tunnel system below the Ministry of Internal Affairs, focuses on the role of the police and security services in Albania through the turbulent 20th century. While this might not sound especially interesting, the whole thing has been very well put together and makes for a fascinating journey behind police lines.

Transfer to Dajti Expres

Take the cable car to (almost) the top of Dajti Mountain and enjoy the fantastic views. The longest cableway in the Balkans at 4.7 kilometers, the 15-minute scenic journey takes visitors over forest, farms & hilltops Excursion to:

  • Dajti National Park (a perfect place to relax and breathe in fresh air)

After enjoying an delicious lunch in one of many restaurants at Dajti National park,

Transfer back to Hotel

2nd day Tirana-St Naum-Ohrid  -Tirana

The treasures of Ohrid Lake!

Depart to Ohrid, Macedonia and on the way we can have a short stop for cafe in Pogradec.

Cross the border to North Macedonia and firstly visit the amazing monastery of St.Naum. The church was built on this site in 9th century as his memorial by the Slavonic educator St.Naum of Ohrid, the disciple of Cyril and Methodius. Naum was also buried there. Locals say that if you put your ear close enough to his tomb at St.Naum Monastery, you can still hear St. Naum’s heart beating 1100 years after his death.

Have lunch in a local restaurant.

Transfer to the city of Ohrid the only one in Balkan inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage as a natural site and as Historical site since 1980. Called the “Jerusalem of Balkan”, famous for having in the past 365 Orthodox churches, one church for each

day of the year. Today the city is famous for its architecture, the churches, the castle on the top of the city, the amphitheater, the beautiful view of the lake surrounded by mountains and the pearls from the lake.

The tour includes sightseeing of the old town of Ohrid, Samuel’s fortress, the “Charsija” and you will get a chance to do some traditional Ohrid pearl jewelry shopping.

Once in Ohrid, you can choose to join a boat ride around the city or walk by the lake in a wooden path.

Transfer back from Qafa Thanes Border and have some stops along the way.

3rd day Tirane-Kruje-Shkoder -Tirane

Discover the “capital” of Albanian Culture

Today we will start the tour with Shkodra, a city of myths and legends. Along the way to the city we will first face the castle of Rozafa, which has a beautiful but bitter legend about its building which has come down to us from olden times.

Sightseeing to:

  • Rozafa Castle

After the visit of the castle we will continue to the famous pedestrian boulevard “Pedonale” –  where you can see the first cinema, first radio, to know more about the first family of photographs in Balkan, nowadays Marubi Museum, the St Stephen Cathedral where nowadays is the museum of Mother Theresa.

You will find that this naturally unique city has an abundance of mirrors in the Adriatic Sea, the Lake of Shkodra and the Buna River. Otherwise called the “city of bicycles,” the city’s views are best admired while pedaling in the open air!

Next stop will be Kruja, home of the patriots and the epicenter of Albania’s independence from the Ottoman Empire. It was here that Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg, Albania’s greatest national hero, defended the country from the invasion of the Ottomans. The National Museum dedicated to the hero is housed in the famous Kruja Castle and shows both the legendary hero’s history and the traditional way of life of the city’s population. The city’s famous bazaar serves as a bridge between this glorious past and the present, offering a rich array of traditional products made from local artisans.

Visit Kruja Castle. In the time of the Ottoman threat, it was the headquarters of Gjergj Kastrioti, an Albanian nobleman and military commander. Kastrioti was sent as a hostage to the Ottoman court early in his life, and after leaving service, led a rebellion against the Ottoman Empire in Albania.

Under his command, the elliptical castle, defended by a small army usually no larger than 3,000 men, fought off multiple massive sieges from the Turks, beginning in 1444. Ottoman forces who conquered large areas like Constantinople and the Balkans could not break the castle’s defenses.

Scanderbeg Museum. Its spacious seven-level interior displays replicas of armor and paintings depicting Skanderbeg’s struggle against the Ottomans. The museum is something of a secular shrine, and takes itself very seriously indeed, with giant statues and dramatic battle murals.

Ethnographic Museum. This traditional home in the castle complex below the Skanderbeg Museum houses one of the best ethnographic museums in the country. Set in an original 19th-century Ottoman house that belonged to the affluent Toptani family, the museum shows the level of luxury and self-sufficiency the household maintained by producing its own food, drink, leather and weapons. They even had their very own mini hammam (Turkish bath) and watermill.

Transfer back Hotel

4th  day  Tirane –Berat – Alpeta Winery



Discover the little secrets of Ancient city

You will start your tour by visiting UNESCO World Heritage Site Berat. Steeped with a rich history, you’ll soon discover why everyone loves it.

Berati 2,500 years-old, is the pride of Albanian architecture. The city forms a wonderful combination of eastern and western cultures, costumes, traditions and outlook. Inside the castle, there were built churches with precious frescos and icons. Here we will visit the Onufri Iconographic Museum. Today Onufri’s spectacular paintings are displayed along with the church’s beautifully gilded iconostasis of 19 century,

Nowadays, the castle is considered unique by the fact that people continue to live inside of it. The three major neighborhoods of the old city are Mangalemi, Gorica, and Kala (Castle), where the castle itself is located.

Excursion to:

  • Berat Castle (a castle overlooking the town of Berat)
  • Onufri Museum (a museum dedicated to Byzantine art and iconography in Berat)

Our tour also includes a tasty local lunch in a small village called Roshnik. We will have the opportunity to walk around, to taste the cuisine of the surrounding area and different types of wines, the best ones, experiencing the true meaning of Albanian hospitality.

Transfer Back to Hotel

5th day

The last day of your tour you will have free time for leisure at your hotel area.

Transfer to Airport and say bye bye to Albania.

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