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Day 1 Airport Tirana

Arrival at Airport Mother Theresa in Tirana

Meet up with the guide and transfer to the Hotel.

After check in start the city tour.

Tirana, the heart and capital of Albania, like all other capital metropolises has never -ending movement and energy. With its clubs, bars ,cafes and taverns, Tirana is worth discovering by both day and night. The hospitality shown towards tourists is something that will mark your journey not only in Tirana but also all over the country. Have a walk from the main square through the boulevard and finish the tour with a visit of Bunk’art 2.

Overnight in Tirana

Day 2: Tirane-Shkoder-Kruje

Depart toward Shkodra ” Where the Drin goes”, if we believe the etymology of the name of the city, inhabited since prehistoric times and today in a deep harmony between the religious faith.

Our path will continue to Kruja, a city known and recognized for the museum dedicated to Scanderbeg.  The museum returns visitors to the Middle ages and guides them through the battles fought by the Ottoman Empire to seize the Albanian principalities of the time.

The Ethnographic museum gives a good impression of the cultural and architectural heritage of Albania.

Located a few steps from the castle, at the old bazaar, we offer you the opportunities to acquire some small souvenirs of the last city that resisted the Turk Invader.

Overnight in Kruje

Day3. Kruje -Elbasan -Pogradec

We will continue or tour on the way to south east of the country, but before going there we will make a stop in the city of Elbasan and visit the citadel, the only one in the Balkans to be built on the plain.

Before going to Tushemisht we will make a stopover Pogradec, which lies at the edge of Lake Ohrid. The same lake is a UNESCO world Heritage Site because is one of the oldest lakes in the world has an extremely varied fauna and flora. This is one of those Unique places in the world where you can catch the Koran.

Overnight in Pogradec

Day 4 Tushemisht-Voskopoje- Erseke (Rehove)

After Breakfast ,depart to the village of Voskopoja. This village, which in the 17th century was one of the most developed cities of Albania, will open for you the doors of its beautiful Orthodox Churches for you.

Voskopoje is preparing the candidature file to be classified in then UNESCO World Heritage. Then we will go to one of the villages of Erseke,Rehove. At Rehove we will taste the warmth and Hospitality of South Albanians who will share with us the food and their experiences during life and we will experience overnight at the inhabitant. Overnight in Rehove

Day 5 Rehove-Permet -Gjirokaster

Depart towards the city of flowers.The landscape that will accompany us in this day is fabulous. We will also have the opportunity to see more closely and to know how the artisans of the region and their local products such as jam, wine, raki,embroidery etc.

Our Tour will continue towards the city of Gjirokaster,or  “the stone city”,. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005, Gjirokastra is the hometown of THE GREAT Albanian Writer Ismail Kadare and the hometown of the former Communist dictator Enver Hoxha.

This city is full of typical neighborhoods and shaded terraces but same time is home of Ethnographic museum and its fortress, witnesses of a large part of the history of Albania.

Gjirokastra has preserved its picturesque typical architecture of Albanian Houses.

Overnight in Gjirokaster

Day 6 Gjirokaster-Blue Eye- Butrint-Sarande

Depart toward The Blue Eye, a water spring with extremely light blue water bubbles in a more than 50-metre deep pool. You’ll be mesmerized by how clear the water is, to the point that you’ll be able to see straight to the bottom.

Transfer to One Of the countless antique ruins and landmarks of Albania, Butrint is the one most responsible for putting Albania on the map. Butrint’s glorious 2500-year-old ruins, are some of the most well-preserved in Europe. In 1992, Butrint was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and it sits comfortably at the top of every international list of must-sees in Albania.     What is especially wonderful about Butrint is that its many gorgeous, well-preserved monuments reflect each distinct stage of its rich history, starting from the Hellenistic period and continuing on to the Roman, Byzantine and Venetian periods. Each has left its own beautiful trace on this place!

Our journey continue towards the direction of Saranda, Seaside town situated in front of Corfu island.

We will visit the city, have a walk by the seaside and discover the citadel of  Lekursi where is one of most beautiful views of the city and Corfu island.

Overnight in Sarande

Day 7 Sarande -Porto Palermo Castle  – Llogara -Vlore

Continue towards the direction of Porto Palermo built on the hill of an island, connected to the shore via a narrow man-made strip of land, this castle attracts everyone’s immediate attention. The castle was built in 1814 at the request of Ali Pashë Tepelena, after the destruction of Justinian’s castle. The castle’s great condition and its locations atop Porto Palermo’s beautiful historic beach.

After we will visit the parc of Llogara, with a unforgettable landscape along the riviera between the sea and mountain.

Hiking in the parc of Llogara that will allow you to discover the crest of the Karaburun Peninsula with its plunging views over the sea.

After will transfer to the city of Vlore ,a seaside city who its not important only because of the port but it has a huge importance in the history of Albania. In this city Ismail Qemali proclaim the independence of Albania in 1912.

Overnight in Vlore

Day 8 Vlore -Apollonia NP  -Berat

Our next stop is Archeological site of Apollonia, in the region of Fier. Founded in IV Century BC by Greek settlers from Corinth, Apollonia was an important city during Roman Times. Having been the subject of numerous restorations and improvements of the site, this important site, was like Butrint, a city of great importance during Antiquity. It is here where Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus did his studies.

We cannot miss the city of Berat during our stay in Albania. This UNESCO World Heritage city is like the time has stopped at the time of Ottoman invasion. “The city of the thousand windows” known and recognized for its facades and adjoining houses ,is the best preserved city in the country.We will began our discovery by the fortress ,we will be instinctively charmed by its small stone houses still inhabited and home to one of most valuable treasures is the codex of Onufri great Albanian painter of the 16th century. Below in the Gorica district on the right bank or Mangalemi on the left bank, you will quickly understand why the city has one of Albanian’s richest cultural heritages.

Overnight in Berat.

Day 9 Berat -Durres-Tirane

We will continue our Journey to Durres, the starting point of the caravans linking the Great Rome with Constantinople by “Via Egnatia”.

Today Durres is the 2nd largest city of Albania. Bordered by Adriatic Sea, you will be tempted all along the pier by many cafes ,restaurants and ice cream parlors that come alive naturally in the early evening. Anyhow, Durres can’t miss its historical and cultural heritage, represented in particular by its Roman Amphitheater which was once the largest of the Balkans.

In the afternoon return to Tirana and we will continue the last visits of the Albanian capital.

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