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The Medieval capital of Skanderbeg




DEPARTURE TIME From 8:00 AM. at your hotel
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  • 2 pax – 65 euro/person
  • If you are more then 5 persons please contact the company  
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  • Entrance fee (Castle)
  • Local Taxes


  • Your personal expenses
  • Lunch (10 euro/person)
  • Extra drinks
  • Master class (10 euro/person)
  • Other Entrance fees


Our tour will start from Kruja, home of the patriots and the epicenter of Albania’s independence from the Ottoman Empire. It was here that Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg, Albania’s greatest national hero, defended the country from the invasion of the Ottomans. The National Museum dedicated to the hero is housed in the famous Kruja Castle and shows both the legendary hero’s history and the traditional way of life of the city’s population. The city’s famous bazaar serves as a bridge between this glorious past and the present, offering a rich array of traditional products made from local artisans.

Visit Kruja Castle. In the time of the Ottoman threat, it was the headquarters of Gjergj Kastrioti, an Albanian nobleman and military commander. Kastrioti was sent as a hostage to the Ottoman court early in his life, and after leaving service, led a rebellion against the Ottoman Empire in Albania.

Under his command, the elliptical castle, defended by a small army usually no larger than 3,000 men, fought off multiple massive sieges from the Turks, beginning in 1444. Ottoman forces who conquered large areas like Constantinople and the Balkans could not break the castle’s defenses.

Scanderbeg Museum. Its spacious seven-level interior displays replicas of armor and paintings depicting Skanderbeg’s struggle against the Ottomans. The museum is something of a secular shrine, and takes itself very seriously indeed, with giant statues and dramatic battle murals.

Ethnographic Museum. This traditional home in the castle complex below the Skanderbeg Museum houses one of the best ethnographic museums in the country. Set in an original 19th-century Ottoman house that belonged to the affluent Toptani family, the museum shows the level of luxury and self-sufficiency the household maintained by producing its own food, drink, leather and weapons. They even had their very own mini hammam (Turkish bath) and watermill.

Optional – Visit workshop Master class handmade Qeleshe. We will experience a master class fine art by Ndricim showing us all the process of doing Qeleshe (Traditional Hats).


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